Finding Low Forex Spreads

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Spreads can play a significant factor in an investor’s profitability while trading on the foreign exchange market. Many traders search tirelessly online to find the narrowest spreads. When trading at extremely high volumes, every pip (percentage in point) counts. Today, with the help of innovative tools from FX Intelligence, investors can view and compare brokers via the industry’s first live broker intelligence analyser. This provides an ideal time-saving solution for those traders scouring the Internet looking for the best deal. The FX Intelligence Analyzer allows traders to easily identify the most profitable opportunities in real time. This analytical program streams data from all of the major Forex brokers, providing prices and spreads for all of the major currencies. Historical information is also available, meaning that traders can identify trends or brokers who consistently offer the best value. Tools such as this one help investors lower their costs, allowing them to maximize their gains in the marketplace.

What Is a Spread?

In the foreign exchange market, spreads are the primary cost of trading between currencies. Spreads are based off the buy and sell price of a currency pair. Spreads vary from broker to broker, which is why it is important for investors to take a few moments and look for the best value. The spread is the price difference between where a trader may buy or sell an underlying asset (such as a foreign currency).
If only given the buy and sell price, you can still manually calculate the spread. Simply subtract the buy price from the sell price. Now, if you were trading EUR/USD you would normally move the decimal four places to the right and you have your spread in pips. The calculation will vary depending on the currency pair and in some cases the broker. As the size of your positions increase, your cost incurred from the spread will increase accordingly. Spreads are variable and change over time based on market conditions and economic data.
Using the FX Intelligent Analyzer, traders can easily view which brokers offer the best spread and price in relation to volume. Spotting the best deal is simply smart investing. Smaller spreads mean that investors are able to see profits off of smaller movements in the currency, making it easier to profit on a trade. If a trader buys and immediately sells a currency where no fluctuation has occurred, the trader will lose money. The reason for this is that the bid price is always lower than the ask price.
Since the foreign exchange market is the world’s largest market in terms of volume and liquidity, there are often no broker fees or commission fees incurred on transactions, though some types of accounts will charge commission. Rather, brokers make their money on the spread between the bid and ask price. With no central marketplace, the Forex allows investors to seek competitive pricing across a number of different online and offline brokers. Investment tools such as the FX Intelligence Analyzer make it easier for traders to identify and take advantage of low Forex spreads, especially when making large-scale transactions where every pip counts. Companies like Go Markets that consistently prove to be the best value on the market are able to secure clients and investors on the hunt for a good deal. 


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